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Golden Syrup 7.257kg (code: 018224) Brand: Tate & Lyle

Golden Syrup 7.257kg

Code: 018224
Quantity: Cases
Golden Syrup 7.257kg (code: 018224) Brand: Tate & Lyle

Case Rates

20+ 40+ 60+
£ 11.00 £ 10.85 £ 10.69
How do Case Rates work?

Along the top of each page of the price list you will see the case rates above the prices,

i.e. 20, 40 and 60.

You do not have to buy 20 cases of the same product to get the 20 case rate. You can mix and match.

For example, if you buy:
16 boxes of Q Silver
1 bag of Batter Flour
1 bag of Curry Mix
1 pack of Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes
1 box of 42nd Street Classic Sausages

You will be charged at the 20 case rate for ALL of these products.

The same principle applies for the 40 and 60 case rates; buy a mixture of 40 products or 60 products and you will be charged at the 40 or 60 case rate.

Please note that our standard list price will apply if you order 19 or fewer cases of the same or mixed products.

Product Description

The nation's favourite syrup has a rich warm taste, mellow mouth-feel and appetising aroma, it can be used in a wide range of tasty recipes.


Quantity: Cases

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