International Mushy Pea Day

Celebrating the Humble Mushy Pea!

International Mushy Pea Day Returns!

The 9th November is an opportunity to turn the spotlight locally, nationally and internationally on the best side dish in the world.

Giving the mushy pea the limelight for the day is a great talking point with customers, an opportunity to spoil fans, or to convert the not so sure.

International Mushy Pea Day is a fun and simple way to get the nation talking of the great taste, versatility and health benefits of the mushy pea.


Get Involved

Whether you chose to run a promo, create a special, give them away for free or better still make a donation to your local or national charity you can join the discussion my contacting and registering your interest.

There is also a dedicated website with FREE marketing material and recipe ideas to help you celebrate the day!


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