Kibbled Onions 12.5kg

Code: 13363

A versatile dehydrated onion product. produced from sound, mature, selected, hand harvested,clean white onions, free from damage, soil & cuts.

Fresh onions are cored, peeled, washed, inspected, sliced, air dried and sieved to produce dehydrated kibbled onions.

Dried onion can be added directly to soups,stews, casseroles, curries and savoury rices, ensuring that there is sufficient water for rehydration.

For use in pies, pizzas, stir fry, etc.

The dried onion should be rehydrated.  Simmer for 5 minutes in approx 10 times their own weight of water then drain.

Alternatively soak the onion for approx 2 hours in cold water, then drain.

1kg of kibbled onions yields 5.5kg of finished product.


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