All terms shown in the Save & Select brochure are available only in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The Save & Select scheme is only available to retail account holders of Henry Colbeck Limited.

Henry Colbeck Limited reserves the right to publish new brochures from time to time. Save & Select points will be awarded to account holders on payment of selected items. Please consult Henry Colbeck for details.

Owing to the computerised nature of the scheme, only purchases made on an account can be rewarded with Save & Select points.

Save & Select points are not awarded to wholesaler accounts.

Where Henry Colbeck has reason to believe that there has been any breach of its terms of trading or for any reason whatsoever Henry Colbeck Limited may refuse to process a claim, refuse to award Save & Select points or withdraw Save & Select already awarded.

Save & Select points may not be exchanged for cash and they are not transferable.

Claims for items must be made on the designated forms.

Delivery will be made only to the account holders on record at the time the claim is processed.

Delivery will be free of charge.

Delivery will normally take place within 28 days receipt of a valid claim.

Claims for none receipt must be made in writing to Henry Colbeck Limited.

All gift vouchers in the Save & Select scheme are available for as long as stocks last.

Should items become unavailable for any reason Henry Colbeck reserves the right to substitute an alternative.

No representations are made regarding the likelihood or otherwise of an account holder incurring any tax liablilty as a result of participation in the Save & Select scheme.

Henry Colbeck Limited reserves the right to vary these conditions or to cancel the Save & Select scheme at any time.

In the event of cancellation, account holders who have already earned sufficient points to claim a gift voucher would be given the opportunity to do so.

Points will only be awarded against the relevant product purchases when the invoice for those products has been paid.

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