Used Cooking Oil Recycling Plant

The launch of our brand new used cooking oil (UCO) recycling plant will allow for UCO to be recycled into Green Energy.

Over a three year period, we invested considerable energy and resources into the exploration of UCO processing methods, both in the UK and Europe.

We then applied the knowledge gained in that exploration to refine our own processing system.

Brought into operation in March 2018, our newly installed equipment is clean, safe, hygienic and fit for purpose.

The processed UCO is collected by tanker for use either to generate electricity or to process into bio diesel.


Find out more about our UCO collection and recycling services on our brand new Colbeck Recycling website!

Recycling Plant

Our Service

Used Oil Lorry and Fatboxx

We operate a dedicated fleet of vehicles collecting UCO across Scotland and the North of England.

To avoid risk of contamination, these vehicles only transport used cooking oil. We offer a fortnightly or monthly collection service however more frequent collections can be arranged.

All customers are given the choice to have, free of charge, either a 30,60 or 120 litre barrel or one of our innovative Fatboxx containers.

Once the oil is collected, it is then returned to our recycling plant in Gateshead, England where it will be processed and sold.

Don't let it go to waste!


We pay YOU for your UCO.

For more information and up-to-date prices, please contact,


Ross Murdoch - General Manager

Used Cooking Oil – Collection & Recycling

Tel: 07718 794051








Ashley Stewart - Administrator

Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling

Tel: 01236 707811

Recycling Process



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