The Lite-BITE

The Lite BITE offers an alternative size meal solution for customers who prefer smaller portion sizes, helping you to appeal to a much larger market.

The Lite BITE not only appeals to the health conscious customers, but also to families and people on the go.

The Lite BITE enables for a portion controlled meal whilst still enjoying the nations favourite food.


Benefits for Business


Earn a better margin

Smaller controlled portions allow for more controlled margins, a reduction in waste and more customers.


Get more customers through your door

Ignite your lunchtime trade with the Lite-BITE lunch, receive FREE point-of-sale material on your first order!


Save Time

The Lite-BITE fish & chip box has been created for easy assemble meaning it provides a faster serving time than traditional wrapping.


 Improve your Eco-Footprint

The Lite-BITE Box is made from 100% recycleable board and can also be recycled.


Improved Food Presentation

A visually attractive option to contain a Lite-BITE meal. The box also allows for a pan perfect product with no cushing or sweating.


FREE POS with your first purchase – Contact us to order

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