Win Chicken Fillet Bites

There’ll be no frights this Bite Night – you’re in safe hands this Halloween with 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites! And you can win your height in 42nd street chicken fillet bites.

There’s nothing scary about our best selling 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites – they’re a perfect combo of 100% whole muscle chicken breast with a specially developed coating that adds to the great flavour and succulent crispy texture that we all love. And it’s for this reason that we are celebrating the fantastic 42nd Street fillet bite with its very own Halloween bite night!.

There’ll be no frights this 42nd Street® bite night… but you could win your height in Fillet Bites!

There’s a FREE ‘Bite Night’ poster & till wobbler – just ask your Sales contact or email marketing@colbeck.co.uk. In addition to increasing sales, your shop could be in with the chance of grabbing the prize of your height in Fillet Bites! *



42nd St Chicken Fillet Bites

100% whole chicken breast fillets, hand portioned into bite size pieces and coated in a lightly seasoned crispy golden batter. The ideal choice for Customers who want to offer the best quality chicken bite to children and adults! Grain fed and welfare audited poultry. Fully cooked. Deep fry from frozen for 4-5 minutes at 180oC.:

  • 2kg 67 Bites 20-35g each.
  • Code 900128.
  • Only £12.70.

If you don’t already sell 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites then this is a great opportunity to add something extra to your menu, whether it be lunchtime specials, kids’ meals or even as a spooky side dish! We’ve got FREE eye catching posters – just ask and we’ll send them to you.


How it works

Running from 1st September until 31st October 2021, every purchase of 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites will automatically enter your shop into this competition, with every box purchased giving an additional entry. The final nail in the coffin to have a chance to win is to send in your ‘scariest’ Halloween photo of your shop or your team with a portion of 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites. Winners will be announced during the 1st week of November. There are 2 prizes available – 1 in England and 1 in Scotland.

Good Luck & Have a Scarily Good Halloween!

*‘Height’ will be worked out from the 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bite packaging artwork height against the owner or manager’s height.

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