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P&G Professional (manufacturers of leading cleaning brands) are keen to address and reassure your Customers cleanliness concerns and support your business…

While Fish and Chip shops have remained operational for takeaway services during lockdowns, the reopening of wider hospitality prompted some Customers to suffer from what’s been dubbed as FODO, or ‘Fear Of Dining Out’.

After a year of being told to stay home, it’s only natural to feel on edge when going out and visiting restaurants. So what can the Fish and Chip sector teach wider food service operators about reassuring customers of their safety policies?

Kelly Barnes, of Krispies – winners of the National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2019, said, “Whilst we’ve remained operational during the third lockdown, the continued awareness surrounding hygiene maintenance meant Fish & Chip Shop owners had to pay more attention to their procedures than ever before. Communicating cleanliness was paramount and other food service operators would do well to share their policies with Customers. From the FSA’s Scores on the Doors, to the CleanPLUS Experience sticker from known brands, Fairy, Ariel and Flash – compelling, clear materials certainly helped reassure our Customers our stores operate with only the highest standards in hygiene.”

The CleanPLUS Experience

To support the industry P&G Professional launched its CleanPLUS Experience – an initiative to aid businesses in their continued efforts to help build Customer trust by offering resources and materials. Businesses who sign up for the CleanPLUS Experience will have access to co-branded digital and printed materials that showcase trusted name brands such as Fairy Professional, Ariel Professional, and Flash Professional.

Apply For Your CleanPLUS Experience Today

Call 0800 716 854 to apply! Anxiety around dining out is to be expected and perfectly normal after a year of lockdowns. A poll of 2,000 adults by P&G Professional in 2020 revealed that Brits who never previously checked their favourite takeaway’s hygiene rating – as long as the food was good quality – are now more vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene than ever before. Now is not the time to get complacent, as the same poll revealed that over 70% admit to checking a Fish & Chip shop’s hygiene rating before using them, and almost half would not return if they noticed the surfaces and kitchen area were unclean.
Commenting on this, Kelly Barnes continued: “We madhee sure cleanliness and hygiene was our top priority. Using well-known cleaning brands like Fairy and Flash and the CleanPLUS Experience sticker is a great way to reassure customers of safety precautions. Now that the wider hospitality industry has reopened, we’re looking forward to transforming our guests ‘FODO into JODO – or Joy Of Dining Out’.

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