Vessels from Rammi make their catches in the clean cold waters of the North Atlantic where fishing is carefully regulated by a rota system.

Management of the fishing grounds around Iceland is based on allocating a fixed share of the permitted catch of the various species to each vessel.

All decisions are based on scientific criteria and the careful work of the Marine Research Institute.

Protection of the fish in Iceland’s fishing grounds is based on three main methods;

1. Catch regulations which are developed for each utilizable fish stock. This involves deciding yearly how large a proportion of the stocks may be allocated for fishing.

2. Regulations controlling the fishing gear. Emphasis is placed on the efficacy of the equipment used, which means that effort is made to fish only those species and sizes that are required.

3. Protection and closing of specific areas to safeguard spawning or juvenile fish.

Rammi Fish

The Solberg

In 2013 RAMMI commissioned a new, state of the art fishing vessel to replace their two existing freezer trawlers.

Working closely with a team of marine architects from Norway and shipbuilders based in Turkey, and using the most modern technical equipment from across Europe, they designed and built The Solberg.

Built on five levels, The Solberg super trawler has been fitted out with the most advanced filleting, cutting, freezing and packing equipment designed to supply fillets to the highest possible standards.

It has its own electrical generator, a system to produce fresh water and a cold store with a capacity for 900 tonnes of packed product.

This impressive trawler will be supplying Henry Colbeck with RAMMI oCeanReserve and oCeanPremium fillets of tightly graded Cod and Haddock.

The fillets will be skinless and boneless, packed in 2x10kg and will lead the way for quality and continuity for the foreseeable future.

The Solberg

RAMMI oCean Premium and oCean Reserve Cod & Haddock 

RAMMI oCeanPremium is the traditional fillet.

RAMMI oCeanReserve is the new water cut fillet production.

The Solberg revolutionary production technology enables the crew to prepare and cut fillets of Cod and Haddock to exact grades from larger fish using water jets to create RAMMI oCeanReserve fillet.

RAMMI oCeanPremium and oCeanReserve are available in 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz and 12-16oz.

Rammi Packaging

Area 27

Barents Sea/Norwegian Sea
CATCH: Glacialis
Atlantic Cod and Haddock

Icelandic Waters

North Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Cod and Haddock

Area 21

Baffin Bay/ Labradour Sea*
CATCH: Royal Greenland Fish
Atlantic Cod
*dependent on available fish levels

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