Get Savy with Sides!

Adding sides to your customers orders can make a big different to your profits!

Sides are a big business and the choice that you offer doesn't have to compliment fish & chips.

Our survey has revealed that customers today are on the look out for a taste of something different, as Mozzarella Sticks, Halloumi Fries and CheesOs are being added to the sides' menu in Fish & Chip Shops, particularly in Scotland.


If you are unsure of what might work with your customers, you could introduce a 'This week only - try our Halloumi Fries!' and if they like them, you can add them to your regular menu.

Another idea that you might want to look at is an additional curry. If you only offer a mild curry, then think about adding a spicier version to appeal to those customers who like it hot!



Pricing Survey Results

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