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There’ll Be No Frights This 42nd Street® Bite Night

With Halloween fast approaching, it is now time to run a 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites 'Bite Night'.

The 'Bite Night' campaign is returning once again to help you sell more 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites in your shop.

It's time to enjoy a thriller of a Halloween without giving your customers a fright!

Bite Night Not Fright Night

There’s nothing scary about 42nd Street® Chicken Fillet Bites, which combine only 100% whole muscle chicken breast with a specially developed coating that adds to the great flavour and succulent crispy texture that we all love.

And it’s for this reason that we are celebrating the fantastic 42nd Street® Fillet Bite with its very own Halloween bite night!

There are many qualities that Chicken Fillet Bite has, including:

  • Holding well in the top box
  • An average bag contains 60 chicken fillet bites
    • Which could be 10 portions of 6 or 15 kid meals of 4 chicken bites
  • Earn Save & Select points when purchasing this product
  • Welfare audited grain fed poultry
  • A range of free POS is available

Get Your Customers Biting This Bite Night

Our point of sale will get your customers biting into the 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites this Halloween.

Our themed poster is available FREE to all of our customers. Simply fill in our online form on this page or ask your sales contact for one with your next order.

Get Social

Share your Bite Night success with us by emailing your scariest pictures to or post them across your social media and tag us in the post!

We'll be sharing all of your photos on our own social media pages and on our website.

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