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The Icelandic Fishmas – Seafood from Iceland


Iceland has an age-old tradition of fishing. Sourced sustainably from its abundant fishing waters, they take pleasure in supplying the finest possible fish to your dish. Therefore, they take excellent care of the produce, at every stage of the process.

From our fishing water to the finishing result, they make it their goal to forever improve, to revolutionize, and create state-of-the-art equipment.

Safeguarding the greatest excellence of principles during all phases of processing. They maintain the same rigorous quality standards in carriage. It is their determination to deliver a top-quality product to the marketplace. So that you can enjoy the quality of Icelandic fish.


Fishing is profoundly rooted in Icelandic culture. Ever since day dot, the fishing waters have been the lifeline for Iceland. Generation after generation, Icelandic fishermen have wrestled weather and seas for the catch. They do not take that casually. Treating their waters with the highest regard as they understand that sustainable consumption of marine resources is the essential ingredient to survival.

Having learned to control and order their fisheries to safeguard a sustainable yield of their fishing stocks. Using science-based techniques and wide-ranging exploration to establish how much fish can safely be caught without damaging the ecosystem.

Continually pursuing pioneering ways to fully utilize the harvest and reduce waste. They want to guarantee that the waters continue to be clean and inhabitable for generations of fish to come.

fishmas iceland

Seafood from Henry Colbeck and Iceland

Seafood from Iceland is a program for Icelandic enterprises in the fishing sector to work collectively on promoting under one brand of origin to boost the value of the goods. The main purpose of the mission is to improve value and export value by creating understanding and enhancing the audience’s mindset toward seafood from Iceland.

Henry Colbeck supports this with our close partnerships with the likes of Rammi and Brim both of which are Immensely respect Icelandic fishing companies that have been catching and supplying the finest quality Cod and Haddock for the Q Partnership companies (Henry Colbeck, Friars Pride and V A Whitley) for over close to twenty years.

Rammi took the momentous decision in 2013 to commission a brand-new state of the art fishing vessel to replace their two existing freezer trawlers and are naturally ‘Icelandic Responsible Fisheries’ and ‘MSC’ certified

Brim has consistently emphasised the importance of owning and utilizing good quality, reliable vessels. Brim Seafood specializes in state-of-the-art equipment and technology for deep freezing fish on board trawlers for Frozen at Sea production. This provides the best quality for customers.

Fishmas is Coming

The holiday season is underway and it’s a very special holiday, we call it Fishmas and if there is no fish well then there is no Fishmas. No festive holiday is complete without good food and great fish. And Fishmas excels all others. Be it Cod or Haddock, be it traditional fish and chips or succulent fish cakes, having fish this Christmas is a must. You can join in Fishmas spirit buy selecting fish from Iceland. Iceland has carried on a long institution of sustainable fishing. The immaculate ocean surrounding this remote island offers quality. State-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology ensure an outstanding product.

fishmas iceland

For more about Fishmas and Iceland plus some great recipes and ideas visit The Delicious Icelandic Fishmas |

Have yourselves a tasty Fishmas!

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