Seafood Week 2019


Seafood Week 2019 is an annual campaign aimed at getting more people to eat more Fish, regularly.

At the heart of the campaign is a clear message designed to celebrate and increase the consumption of Seafood among the British Public.

Running from the 4th - 11th October 2019, the 8 day celebrations; ran by Seafish, promotes the variety and quality of Fish & Shellfish around the UK.

Each day of the week celebrates a different type of Fish with a range of tasty recipes and great ideas provided to help your business get involved!

Seafood Week 2019 Themes

Friday 4th October - return of the mack

Saturday 5th October -  cook me prawnto 

Sunday 6th October - find your happy plaice

Monday 7th October - 'sear'ious about scallops

Tuesday 8th October - show us your mussels

Wednesday 9th October - flippin' hake

Thursday 10th October -  grab some crab

Friday 11th October - not just for fry-days

Seafood Week 2019 Ideas

Free Samples - use the Seafood Week themes to cook up something different and offer free to your customers to try

Social Media - take part in Seafood Week by using the official hashtag #seafoodweek on your posts. Run a social media competition by asking customers to send a picture in of their favourite dish or recipe with the winner receiving a free Seafood meal at your takeaway or restaurant. Join in on National Fish Pun Day! a light hearted way to introduce Seafood Week to your customers and grab their attention.

Local Media - taking part? share your story with local media!

Seafood 'dish of the day' - use Seafood week as a chance to create a special menu for your customers and promote it as a 'Seafood Special'.


Not only That, Seafish, have designed a FREE marketing toolkit for business in the industry to use to help them take part in this national campaign. You can request access to the toolkit here. 


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