Recycling Plant Launch

Henry Colbeck's Used Cooking Oil Recycling Plant is Now Open!

The official launch of the Used Cooking Oil Recycling Plant was attended by over 30 personnel including local MP Liz Twist, who, alongside Bill Colbeck unveiled the official plaque.

On the day, guests where treated to presentations by Georgina & Bill Colbeck and the Pod Father, a tour of the used cooking oil (UCO) recycling plant, a champagne reception, followed by an afternoon of seafood baskets and networking.


The UCO Recycling Plant

As a company, we have been processing and packing edible oil since 1893. In 2006 we started to collect our customers' Used Cooking Oil (UCO) as an additional service, providing our customers with the perfect solution for their waste.

The UCO Recycling Plant turns used cooking oil into Green Energy. The processed UCO is collected by tanker for use either to generate electricity or to process into bio diesel.

Our new Recycling Plant has created 4 new jobs and we see this as a very positive investment in the local economy, the environment and the fight against Global warming - as well as the future of Henry Colbeck.


The Board of Directors and the rest of Henry Colbeck would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended to the event and made the event a success.

For more information on our UCO Recycling Plant please visit our dedicated web page.


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